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Aug 11

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Houston Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring has become significantly popular in the last few years because it has become the cheaper alternative if you want to achieve the expensive look of a hardwood, stone, or tile floor. It’s actually a man-made material that comes in either boards or tiles. In addition, it has gained a reputation of being tough and easy to install.
While laminate flooring has lived up to most of the expectations, buyers should be fully aware of its limitations so that they will know where and how to use it
The Advantages
The benefits of using laminate floor include the following:
o    Durability— Laminate flooring is resistant to scratches, stains and impacts and does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

o    Easy Installation—It is easier to install than most flooring materials mainly because it is a floating floor.  There is no need to nail, glue or staple it to a sub floor. The flooring planks are just snapped together edge to edge.

o    Great Looks—Laminate can look exactly like wood, stone or tiles because the design is actually a photograph of the real thing. Now, manufacturers have also designed the texture to make laminate flooring as real as it looks.

o    Versatility—Laminate flooring does not expand and contract like wood that’s why it can be installed over many subfloors.
The Disadvantages
Laminate flooring does have some downsides that homeowners should consider to see if it’s the right flooring material for the intended use.
o    Water/ Moisture Damage—Laminate flooring is more susceptible to water damage than natural wood and other flooring materials. Its core can expand or break down if directly exposed to standing water and other forms of moisture.

o    Hard to Repair— Unlike real wood, laminate flooring is hard to repair. It’s better to install a new floor.

o    Not So DIY Friendly – Laminate flooring is much easier to install than other flooring materials but it still needs some skills to install it properly.
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