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Aug 11

Choosing Flooring for Homes With Pets

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We love our homes. We love our pets. Sometimes, the meeting of these two worlds collide. Choosing flooring that meets our decorative desires, yet will withstand the wear and tear of our pets, and keep them safe and comfortable need not be an insurmountable task. Here are a few suggestions for choosing the right type of flooring to please both you, and your pet.


1.Carpet: Proceed with Caution

You know the habits, age and tendencies of your pet. If you think it is highly unlikely that your pet will have an ‘accident’ on the carpet, you might be safe to consider carpet. Give thought to water bowls, paws that bring dirt in from outside, hair that sheds and loops in the carpet that can be just too tempting not to pull at – and if all these issues can be justifiably considered ‘non-issues’, then carpet might be a soft, comfortable choice for you and your pet that you will able to maintain.

2.Hardwood: Pros and Cons

Hardwood is without a doubt a beautiful choice for flooring. It is easy to maintain, and has a high level of durability. However, with pets, one must be very careful to avoid urine stains (as these can seep into the wood), water spills (causing wood to swell) and nail and claw marks (damaging the look of the wood surface). By applying a high quality urethane, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of these issues – but there is no guarantee. If you are determined to install hardwood, you might want to consider bamboo. It is the hardest of the hardwoods, and can stand up better to stains and accidents.

3.Tile, Laminate, Vinyl: Great for Pet, Beautiful in Your Home

Many homeowners with pets opt for tile, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. The ease of clean up (usually just a quick sweep up of pet hair, or damp mop) make them an attractive option. The one caution might be that the floor might be somewhat slippery to your pet, so adding area rugs for their comfort might be something to consider.

Before making a quick decision about the style of flooring you want to install, it is best to speak to the experts about the types of products you are considering. Technology within flooring products changes, with improvements to its quality, durability and surface maintenance. If you are completely sold on a specific style of product that is impractical for your pet, your last option might be to gate off the area where the flooring will be installed, so you can have your flooring pick, without the worry of costly repair bills from pet damage.

At Shans Carpets and Fine Flooring, we have a massive inventory with the latest products available on the market today. We understand that you want beautiful flooring, the best quality product your budget will afford – and a smart choices for the comfort and safety of your pet.

Our experts are ready to assist you with making a great selection for your next flooring project. We will guide you through our top quality brand products to help you find a suitable floor that will make you love your home or office environment – at a price that is unbeatable anywhere in Houston and the Metro area.

By selecting a floor that will be comfortable, beautiful and pet-friendly from Shans Carpets and Fine Flooring, you will be sure to add enjoyment to the time you spend in your home or office, alongside your pets. Visit today to find the perfect floor for your living and working environments!