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Aug 11

Choosing the Right Flooring to Make Your Room Look Bigger

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Wall paint color, multi-purpose items, vertical storage, strategically placed mirrors – suggestions we’ve heard time and again by the pros for how make your room look bigger. If you are at the point where you feel you’ve exhausted your options, don’t give up hope! A closer look at your flooring might reveal a solution for making your room look bigger. Here are a few suggestions that might work for your home or office small space.


1.Wide Plank

So on trend, wide plank hardwood flooring refers to boards 3” or greater. By making fewer seams on the floor using a wider board, it makes your flooring less busy, and more open. The direction you choose to run your boards is also a big factor. If possible, run the boards parallel to the longest wall in order to give the visual impression of an elongated room.

2.Large Tiles

Similar in theory to wide plank, by choosing big tiles of porcelain, ceramic or even luxury vinyl tiles, you will achieve a look that seems to expand your room. Look for tiles that are 16” or larger, and you will be surprised by the effect.


Consider using the same flooring as in the adjacent rooms for your small space. By keeping it consistent with the others, it can give the illusion of making your room look larger. However, be sure to factor into your decision whether the flooring style is appropriate for the room. For example, waterproof vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice for rooms exposed to moisture.

4.Dark Flooring

We have been told that only with light colors can a room feel ‘airy’ and spacious. This in not entirely true. If you want to use dark flooring, the key is to keep it on the cool side with your paint colors, and use vertical interest such a crown molding or shelving to draw your eyes upward to the ceiling. Your room can still look large, even with a dark walnut floor.


This trick takes some creativity, but if you are up for the challenge, patterned flooring can ‘fool the eye’ into seeing a larger space. Whether you lay tile on the diagonal, or change up the pattern using alternating colors and design, with this method for making your room larger,  you may succeed – plus, have a unique space you can be proud to show as your artistic touch.

One of the greatest benefits of having a small space is cost efficiency. To upgrade a small space, budget for high quality products that give visual interest, personalized to your taste. Another great thing about small space updates is that they often require less turnaround time to complete your project. Big impact on short time and small budget – sounds like a win!

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