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Aug 11

Choosing the Suitable Houston Flooring Material for Each Room

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The type of flooring material in any room is usually determined by its suitability to the appearance and function of the room, the owner’s personal taste and the cost. By weighing the importance of these factors, a satisfactory choice is made. Here are some suggested materials that are usually used in the following parts of a house.

The major consideration here is the owner’s personal taste and comfort. What feels comfortable on your bare feet? Typical choices for bedroom floorings are plush carpets, laminate or hardwood.

Family or Living Rooms
Who are most likely to use the room? Are they adults only, small children with pets or teenagers? For living rooms for adult users, a hardwood or Houston laminate flooring would give the room some elegance and a formal atmosphere. However, if the users are small kids with pets, it’s practical to use carpet tiles – less prone to accidents and easy to replace if small areas are torn off or damaged.

The durability of ceramic or stone tiling are very suitable for bathrooms. A more affordable option would be linoleum

Resistance to moisture is a factor in choosing kitchen flooring, so tile, laminate or linoleum are popular choices. If you prefer hardwood, just choose a durable kind and have the right finish that would protect it from moisture.

Resistance to wear and moisture are important considerations for a basement flooring material. It’s usually suggested not to use floor coverings on basements. Instead, a well polished, stained and insulated concrete floor is most appropriate.

Eventually, it’s the owner’s choice based on what they feel and think is most appropriate. Whether you choose a Houston vinyl flooring, Houston tile flooring or Houston hardwood flooring, you’ll find them at Shans Carpets – “The Best Flooring Company in Houston!”