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When you are choosing flooring for an office space, you want to choose something that is durable so it can withstand high traffic. You also want to choose a material that is easy to clean, has the ability to withstand chemicals that are used for cleaning and that is also comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.

There are many choices, including attractive options. You may choose a solid color or a multi-color that will be suited toward the designs and colors of your business operation. At Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring in Houston, Texas, we have experts who will help you select the right flooring for your needs. We also have professionals who are skilled in floor installation, so you can ensure that the job is done quickly and accurately.


Concrete flooring is a popular choice for many commercial settings. Concrete floors have many benefits. It is easy to clean, extremely durable and long lasting, has a great appearance, and can be customized to include logos or company colors. You want flooring that is not only functional, but also attractive. While some people may consider concrete as being plain, the truth is that it is far from it.

When it comes to concrete, there are many different finishes and colors available for concrete. You can even make regular concrete look expensive, like marble or even hardwood flooring. Polished concrete is also another popular choice because it is ultra-durable and has a high-sheen appearance.

Another advantage to concrete flooring is that they can be installed quickly. You can even have existing flooring removed to get to the concrete underneath it and then have the concrete underneath it ground to remove glue and imperfections so it can be coated with a protective stain or a paint color of your choice. Even concrete in bad condition can be repaired with a concrete overlay and then colored to look as good as new. Shan’s has installed concrete office flooring throughout the Houston, Texas, area.


Offices are highly creative places. They are areas where you conduct meetings, come up with ideas and handle major projects and transactions. You need high performance flooring that can withstand the foot traffic while also have the attractiveness that is needed to make your office stand out and be the attractive, creative nook that you want it to be for your team.

Linoleum is a traditional office flooring. Offering attractive visuals, linoleum also provides for years of durable service. It is also easy to clean and can withstand a lot of traffic and frequent abuse.  While linoleum does have a long lifespan, it can be easily replaced with new linoleum when it becomes old and worn.


Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, also known as LVT, offers high style but can be cared for easily as it is low maintenance. LVT offers 3-D printing technology, which adds to the depth and realism of the flooring. It has a high performance wear layer that is added to the vinyl tile product. Offering a less permanent floor than ceramic tile or wood, it can last for years but makes changing your room’s color or design much easier.

Because of the 3-D capabilities with LVT, the flooring can include a logo or a specific design or color theme to match the company’s logo or color scheme. When the LVT gets worn and is no longer attractive, it easily to remove and replace. If decide to change the décor, such as the colors or patterns, it is also easy to remove and replace while some other flooring options can be much more difficult to switch out. Our flooring experts at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring have helped clients purchase LVT for their office flooring needs throughout the Houston, Texas, area.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is made from timber that is durable, restorable and is environmentally friendly.  Solid hardwood floors consist of planks that are milled from a single piece of timber. Solid hardwood floors have a wear surface that is thicker than engineered wood flooring and can be sanded and finished several times during its lifespan.

Depending upon the desired look you want for the floor, it can be rift-sawn, flat-sawn or quarter-sawn. Most high quality wood floors are three-quarters of an inch thick with a tongue-and-groove which enables easy installation. In addition to the durability, the aesthetics of a hardwood floor are very attractive. We have sold and installed hardwood flooring for offices throughout Houston, Texas.

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