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When it comes to retail store flooring in Houston, Texas, you can rely on Shan’s Carpets and Fine Flooring. We have quality flooring options for stores and supermarkets. Commercial flooring needs to look good, but have a safe texture to prevent slip and fall accidents. The material must be durable because the floor is subjected to spills, dropped items and equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

Grocery Stores 

Grocery stores in and around Houston, Texas, want to select an attractive flooring option that has a safe underfoot and durability that will ensure it looks good for years to come. We offer quality flooring selections that allow for easy maintenance, not needing regular stripping and waxing like some of the older floors used in retail establishments. When you call on Shan’s, we will show you flooring that is sanitary and seamless, so it can be used for areas where food preparation occurs as well.


In the bakery area, you want a safe, slip resistant floor surface that has the ability to withstand high temperatures and have the ability to handle high traffic. Selecting flooring with an anti-microbial can guarantee sanitary conditions that will last for the long-term. You also can benefit from flooring that is seamless and easy to clean. If you select an integral wall cove, you can make sure it is waterproof from wall to wall. You want flooring that adheres to federal food guidelines.

Break Rooms

In the store’s break room area you want a flooring that is seamless and easy to clean. You want it to be durable, lasting for years but not requiring waxing.

Food Prep Areas

If your retail establishment has food prep areas, you want flooring that is slip-resistant, resistant to chemicals and impacts and that is durable. If you choose to incorporate an integral cove you can turn it into a completely seamless and waterproof solution that stays attractive for years. With no grout lines to worry about and an easy to clean surface, you have a lost lasting solution for your flooring needs.

Freezers and Refrigeration

You need the right flooring solution in the areas where you have refrigeration or freezers. In this area you want a durable option that can withstand food acid and bacteria while offering chemical resistance. You want an easy to clean surface that is durable, safe and slip-resistant.


Kitchen floors, such as those in delis and retail cafes, should consist of slip-resistant, durable surfaces that provide thermal shock resistance in the cook areas that withstand high temperature cleaning. You can choose to incorporate an integral cove that will provide a seamless solution that leaves your floor easy to clean and attractive for years to come. These floors are free from grout lines, which require less maintenance and are not as difficult to clean.

Loading Docks

The loading dock area in your store’s shipping and receiving area is subjected to heavy traffic and should offer a durable, slip resistant surface that can handle regular abuse from equipment traffic. With a reliable impact and chemical resistance, this flooring will withstand spills and the impacts from damaged containers. With a non-permeable surface, it is easy to clean.

Meat Cutting and Seafood

If your establishment includes a seafood and meat cutting department, it should have flooring that can withstand high temperature cleaning and a variety of traffic. You need a slip resistant, safe surface that has built-in anti-microbial that guarantees long-term sanitary conditions. With a seamless feature that rids the need for maintenance of grout and dirty tile while guaranteeing a waterproof surface that is easy to clean.


In the restroom areas, you want a slip resistant surface that is durable. You also want bathroom flooring that can handle water easily. With a seamless feature, the maintenance of grout and dirty tile while ensuring you have a waterproof surface.

Retail Areas

In the retail areas, you should choose a surface that handles high traffic without enabling the creation of visible wear patterns. You need slip resistant, safe floors that provide quality stain resistance and is easy to clean up spills. This kind of flooring results in less expense because they don’t require waxing and they are easier to clean. You can select a single color, multiple colors or vinyl chip which makes attractive designs.

Locker Rooms

For the employee area that serves as the locker room, you need to choose a flooring that is seamless, slip resistant, durable and easy to clean while staying waterproof. You can make an attractive, creative design that consists of a single color, multiple colors or quartz blends.

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