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When it comes to warehouse, storage and factory flooring in Houston, Texas, you want to deal with an experienced flooring company that knows which options are the best choices to serve your needs. Here at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring, we are highly experienced in all aspects of flooring, including flooring for commercial and industrial operations. When it comes to flooring for warehouses, storage facilities or factories, we can recommend the ideal product for your needs.

There are many things to consider when selecting warehouse flooring. First, consider that you want a safe, non-slip surface. This flooring will be subjected to hundreds of trips across it by people day after day. Warehouse floors are often subjected to heavy equipment, such as pallet jacks, forklifts and carts. So, you know that you need to select a product that is known for durability.

Because of the way the flooring will be used, you don’t want to choose a product that is known to react to chemicals, allow condensation or let any moisture inside its materials and reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents. Factory, storage and warehouse flooring can be made from a variety of materials that are often used throughout construction projects. Shan’s takes pride in being the Houston, Texas, flooring experts.


Factory flooring’s most basic form is concrete. Concrete flooring functions well as long as it remains level and stable. Because it can be somewhat absorbent, it needs to be coated with a sealant that prevents it from staining and fends off moisture problems. While concrete floors are considered to be cost efficient, concrete floors can become damaged through impact and heavy equipment, particularly at the loading bays.


A chemical resin that cures to form a durable, hard surface, epoxy helps flooring resist chemical spills, high temperatures and impacts from equipment and merchandise. Epoxy flooring is a good choice for many kinds of factories. Factories have to make sure the upper layer of flooring is textured to reduce slippage risks. A disadvantage to epoxy floors is that it can be expensive and you usually have limited budgeting to spend on flooring projects.


Relatively easy to install, rubber flooring has many advantages. It has been proven to resist damage and creates a floor that is slip resistant, which makes it very effective in warehouses, factories and storage facilities. Rubber flooring comes in large rolls that you can easily spread across the floor then nail it or glue it into place. Another advantage to rubber flooring is that it can easily be painted so you can make it any color that you want or need. Some sustainable rubber floors have been recycled, showing environmental stewardship.

Mezzanine Flooring

Another popular choice is mezzanine flooring. These are raised, secondary floors in factories that are set up so you can easily oversee factory operations. Mezzanine flooring enables you to use space more efficiently and effectively, so they provide a more flexible flooring option. Wood flooring and carpet can be used on mezzanines, but that is dependent on how and where they will be used. Some mezzanines are better for rubber matting or concrete.

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Here at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring, we have a team of experts who are familiar with all of the various kinds of flooring. We have the most experienced flooring team in the Houston, Texas, area. Call to schedule a consultation with our team so we can help ensure you choose the best flooring for your warehouse, storage facility or factory.

We maintain one of the most extensive inventories of factory flooring available in the Houston, Texas, area. When you deal with us, you get affordable pricing, a team of flooring experts, the best flooring products for your needs and friendly, courteous service.

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