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Aug 11

Important Tips For Flooring On A Tight Budget

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It is no secret that interior design is an undertaking that can be very expensive to incorporate into a home’s budget. Whether you are looking to redecorate a single room, the stakes are still high and the costs can add up very quickly. Do you want to install a hardwood to cover the floors or purchase carpeting? What paint color do you want? How much of the paint will you need to cover the entire space? Will you be purchasing new furniture or will it be about new lighting and other accessories?


When it comes to interior design, flooring becomes a major consideration. It can inject personality, set the tone of the room and make it a talking point while providing comfort all along. Innovative designs such as 3D-effect vinyl means that flooring is no longer a backdrop to a room but rather a focal point. Although interior design improvement is lucrative, it can also be daunting particularly if you are not well-versed with the most important tips for flooring. Read through this article for an insight on some of the most important tips for flooring on a small budget.

1. Plan Prior To The Design Work

While good planning is important for any flooring project, its importance increases tenfold when you’re redesigning on a tight budget. After all, no single home owner wants to find himself trapped in a situation where he has found the best flooring material but there is not enough money to purchase it. Doing some legwork beforehand drastically reduces the likelihood of encountering an unwanted scenario in the course of your project.

You must first look for your design inspiration. Check over the internet and design magazines for styles that you can emulate for your design. Then, break down the project into several components such as floor painting, floor finishing and accessory installation. That way, you will have accounted for everything you need in your project.

2. Be Bold With The Color

One of interior design’s biggest secrets is color. It is very cheap compared to other interior design elements. For a good looking house, it is important to infuse your floor space with a high-end look. Before plunging with paint, it is important to make sure that you’ve picked a color you fancy. Get a few free palettes from the local home improvement store. If you are unsure, you can begin by sampling a few colors.

3. Do Not Decorate Everything All At Once

One of the greatest interior design mistakes you can make particularly when you are trying to save money is to handle too many design projects all at once. This is a trap that most homeowners fall into because they want to redesign every room all at once. For the purpose of your wallet, it is important to go at a tortoise pace. A home design project is all about prioritizing. Pick a room that your home needs the most and begin with it. With that, you will avoid overloading your flooring project.