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Mohawk Flooring Distributor Houston

Shan’s Carpets and Fine Flooring is a proud distributor of Mohawk flooring products. Mohawk flooring is known for its revolutionary product innovation and award-winning design. Mohawk proudly assembles 100% of their carpet products in the United States and ensures environmentally responsible practices for all their products and services. Shan’s Carpets and Fine Flooring offer the following Mohawk Flooring:

• Laminate
• Vinyl

To learn more about the Mohawk flooring that Shan’s Carpets and Fine Flooring offers, contact us today at (713)-910-9732, or request a quote.

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Are you interested in hardwood flooring from Mohawk Flooring? Here at Shan’s Carpets and Fine Flooring, we have a wide range of Mohawk hardwood for you to choose from.

Mohawk Hardwood Installation Company

Mohawk has been in business for around 125 years supplying people with great hardwood flooring types and styles. Throughout those years, Mohawk has consistently offered great choices for flooring to people all over the country. Mohawk is one of those legacy brands that have been around for a long time offering people great flooring.


No matter what kind of hardwood you want, Mohawk has it. If you want homegrown wood such as maple or hickory, there are lots of colors to choose from. Mohawk also offers more exotic hardwood types, such as Brazilian cherry and tigerwood. Shan’s has all of these types in stock, so if you are looking for a Mohawk flooring installation company in Houston, we are the company to call.


If you pay a visit to our showroom, you will find a wide selection of Mohawk hardwood at great prices. We can help you pick out your new floor based on what you would like to see in your home. We can suggest styles and wood grains that might fit your home, and we can help tailor your new flooring to your budget. For Mohawk hardwood in Houston, we are simply the best company around.