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Aug 11

Practical Benefits of Using Carpet

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Carpet gives your floor more than just beauty, color and attractive designs. It has many practical benefits too that are not usually found in other flooring materials, such as:
1. Noise Reduction
Testing has shown that carpet is not only a floor covering but is a versatile acoustical material, too. It absorbs ten times more noise than any other flooring material and as much as most other types of standard acoustical materials.

2. Right Atmosphere
Whether you need a formal and elegant or a cozy and warm atmosphere, there is the right carpet to support your requirement.

3. Thermal Insulation
Carpet is tested to be a good insulator compared to other common flooring materials. Results have shown that carpet over a concrete surface has a higher surface temperature than wood or other materials. Carpets’ thermal insulation vary depending in their R-value (resistance to heat flow). Carpets can lower energy consumption of heaters.

4. Safety
Slips and falls are reported to be the most common home injury especially on wet and polished surfaces. On the other hand, there is low incidence of slips and falls in carpeted areas. Carpets also cushion falls if ever they happen preventing serious injuries.

5. Comfort
Carpet feels better underfoot than the hard and cold surfaces of the other flooring materials. It reduces floor fatigue.

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