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Carpet Design

When it comes to carpet in Houston, Texas, the most experienced team of experts can be found here at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring. While we have all of the leading brands of carpeting and flooring, we also have the ability to help with customized orders and special design projects.

We offer the standard carpeting as well as the more durable brands that can withstand spills, stains and other unsightly problems that are known to shorten the lifespan of a carpet. Our inventory includes stain resistant selections.

Carpet Construction

Carpet can be found in two kinds of construction, including loop pile and cut pile. Both styles of construction have a variety of styles from which you can select your carpeting.

Cut Pile Carpeting

Cut pile’s durability comes from the fiber that is used to make the carpeting. The density of the tufts and the twist of the yarn plays a major role in the strength and durability of the carpeting as well. Cut pile comes in four popular styles. We have all of these styles and the most popular colors and designs in Houston, Texas.

Plush – With an even and smooth finish, plush carpet gives a more formal look.

Textured – Using fibers that are low density and of uneven heights, it has an informal appearance but hides dirt. It is not a good choice for high traffic areas.

Saxony – With an even, smooth finish, this style has fibers that are longer than textured plush. The fibers have a twist, and it does have the tendency to show footprints more vividly than other carpets. This is currently the most popular kind of carpet on the market.

Frieze – Made of long fibers with more twists, it has an informal texture. Advantages are how it hides footprints and marks easier than other carpets. It is not suitable for high traffic areas. Frieze carpet that has longer piles is shag carpet.

Cable – With longer, thicker fibers, this carpet provides a cozy feel.

Loop Pile Carpeting

Loop Pile carpets have visible loops that do not cut the yarn tips. With durable construction, these are all-purpose carpets that come in a variety of styles, including level loop, patterned multi-level loop and cut and loop. We have the best selection of loop pile carpeting in Houston, Texas.

Berber or Level Loop – Packed short loop fibers form this carpet which provides a durable surface suited for high traffic areas. It does have an informal appearance. Because there are some color flecks in the fiber, it could be easier to hide dirt. The height of the fibers can make seams much more visible.

Patterned Multi-Level Loop – With loops of varying heights, this kind of carpet has a texture or pattern.

Cut and Loop – A mixture of loop pile fibers and cut pile, this carpet has a textured look that makes it a good choice for highly trafficked areas. This type of carpet can also hide stains and dirt.

Determining Carpet Quality

There are several different features that are taken into consideration when determining the quality of carpet. Things that have to be considered are the kind of fiber, the fiber’s construction, its weight, the carpet density and the twist. How the carpet quality is referred to is dependent upon the manufacturer.

While some manufacturers refer to their carpet by grade, there is no universal grading system currently in place for carpet. More often than not, companies assign carpet grades simply as a marketing tool. The traffic ratings can also vary, and traffic ratings are extremely important. Shan’s has the best quality carpet you can find in Houston, Texas.

Fiber Types

There are several different kinds of fibers used for constructing carpet. Among those carpet materials are nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, wool and blends. The durability is very dependent upon the construction of the fiber.


Density plays a significant role in the carpet’s lifespan. Density reveals how many fibers are used in the pile and how closely they are tufted together. As a rule of thumb, the denser the carpet the better quality of carpet.

Colors and Patterns

All kinds of carpet s available in various colors and patterns. There are colors and patterns available to match any décor and to serve any need or purpose. We take pride in having the best selection of carpeting designs in Houston, Texas. Call your flooring experts at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring to discuss your carpet design needs today.