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Why Choose Tile Flooring

Long ago, the ancient Romans recognized the durability, and versatility of tile. Even back then, tile also added beauty as a decorative element to their surroundings. Today, this love for tile earthenware used centuries ago remains.  It is an affordable way to bring a natural product into our decor.

We add tile to our floors, walls, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas as well as in the places we work. Tile is a beautiful, natural choice for homeowners and commercial businesses looking to add interest, and upscale design to their decor. It is adaptable to complement almost any room in the home, as there are tile design options to suit almost every taste. Tile flooring is a cost effective way to add elegance to your home or office space.

Because tile is scratch and stain resistant, it is a perfect solution for certain areas such as the kitchen and bath. Temperature and moisture tolerant, tile flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

Providing elements of timeless, natural beauty – the creative uses for tile are limited only by your imagination. Whether you are using tile for an artistic touch in a backsplash or mural, or adding beauty to the hearth in front of a fireplace, tile can be adaptable and decorative for nearly any surface.

Although tile is extremely durable, it is reassuring to know that in the off chance of tile breakage, repair is fairly simple. Individual tiles can be replaced and grouted without effecting other tiles already installed.

From bright colors to natural stone looks, tile offers an abundance of styles, textures and designs. As well as adding years of beauty and comfort in your home or office environment, with its impressive look, tile can potentially add value to the resale potential to your home.


Tile, A Naturally Beautiful Choice

When you are shopping for tile, hardwood, carpet or laminate for your new build, upgrade or renovation project – you don’t want to waste time and money looking at low quality, high priced products. With a visit to Shans Carpets and Fine Flooring, you have the comfort in know that we carry only top of the line products, and we have the best prices in Houston and the Metro area. Within our wide selection of attractive tile styles and designs, you are sure to find tile that will be perfect for your decor.

There are many choices within the characteristics of tile. Our  line of tile products at Shans includes (but is not limited to):

● Travertine

● Ceramic

● Slate

● Natural Stone

● Marble

● Porcelain

● Decorative / Patterned

Tile is versatile in size, color, texture and design – a truly unique, durable and environmentally conscious choice. It is easy to maintain, and can be subtly incorporated as an accent, or as a wall to wall solution for keeping your home cool, and beautiful.

As a second generation family owned and operated discount flooring store, you have our commitment to providing you exceptional quality tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl products. We offer service you can count on, and prices that are affordable. You will be certain to find the perfect flooring solution for your needs, and you will know that the price you pay is the best in Houston and the Metro area.

If you are considering the look of rustic stone, slate, travertine, or marble for your home or business in Houston, tile is certainly worth considering. Talk to our professional staff at Shans Carpets and Fine Flooring to see if ceramic or porcelain tile might be the perfect fit for your needs, budget and decor style.

We look forward to assisting you at one of our 2 convenient locations. Drop by today to get started with an affordable, and beautiful tile selection for your next project!

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