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Aug 11

Top 5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Carpet

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Many struggle with the decision as to whether they should replace an existing carpet floor, or try to extend its life with a thorough cleaning. If you are facing this decision, here are the top 5 things to watch for that can firm up your resolve to get rid of your old carpet.


1.Water Damage

Listed first in priority, water damage does much more than aesthetically make your carpets less appealing. It can damage the health of those exposed to it from the mold that may be lurking on your carpet surface, within the fibres or in the underlay. If your carpet is exposed to water from flooding or standing water, you need to take action immediately. Likely, you will need to remove the carpet and replace it with a new carpet, or another flooring solution such as laminate, hardwood, tile or vinyl.


Carpet manufacturers provide an estimate of what you can expect (given ‘normal wear and tear’) for a lifespan on their carpet products – generally ranging from 5 to 15 years. Depending on whether your carpet is in a high or low traffic zone, those numbers might decrease or increase. The reality is, once your carpet has patchiness or bald spots, no amount of cleaning can revive it to its original condition. Replacement should be seriously considered at this point.


We all know the importance of making a great first impression when you are selling a home. There is added value in hardwood floors, beautiful tile and freshly installed carpets – and prospective buyers will factor in a renovation budget to replace the flooring if this has not already been completed. You might want to consider updating your flooring if you are listing your home or office, as it can mean the difference between getting an offer at, below or above your asking price.


While a bad smell (such as pet odor) may linger from your carpet, if properly cleaned, the smell should be noticeably reduced – hopefully gone completely. If the smell has penetrated deep into the pad underneath, or is embedded into the fibres of the carpet, you may want to spare yourself the frustration and expense of repeat, ineffective cleaning, and just replace the carpet. If musty, moldy smells are coming from your carpet, this is a sure sign that you need to further investigate. It may not be safe to keep your existing carpet, and may want to have your home professionally checked for mold.


No one plans to have stains on their carpet, but especially in busy homes with children and pets – they happen. When properly treated soon after the spill occurs, stains quite often come out easily. However, if left over time, they become more of a challenge to remove. If our carpet is badly stained, and repeat cleaning is not effective at removing them, we may want to considering replacing our carpet. Rather than trying to strategically hid old stains with your furniture, replacing your carpet gives you a chance to freshen your room decor with an updated look that you can be proud to show!

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