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Aug 11

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

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If you love the look and feel of a luxurious carpet in your home or office, you would likely like to extend that ‘new carpet’ look for as long as possible. While we have to take into account that high traffic on our carpet will affect its condition over time, here are a few suggestions that can prolong the life, and look of your beautiful carpet flooring.


1.Regular Maintenance

One of the foremost benefits of carpet is that it is easily maintained. Loose debris can be quickly vacuumed, and with a regular schedule of a professional deep carpet cleaning, we should see many years of life out of our carpet. Don’t forget, dust and dirt can also build up under furniture, so don’t neglect occasionally moving larger furniture pieces to vacuum carpet even in the areas we don’t see.

2.Buy Quality Carpet

Even if you vacuum diligently, if you have installed cheap carpet – it won’t last long in its ‘new looking’ condition. Don’t sacrifice cost for quality. Buy the best quality carpet your budget will allow, and be sure it is the right type of carpet for your room. Certain styles of carpet are designed for higher traffic areas, while other are best installed in lower traffic areas.

3.Door Mats

Whether you choose to impose a ‘shoes off at the door’ rule or not depends on you. Either way, investing in both indoor and outdoor mats will reduce any outside dirt from come finding its way onto your indoor carpets.

4.Treat Stains Immediately

Stains happen. How quickly we treat the stain, and the product to remove a stain with has a huge bearing on whether our carpets will stay looking new, or whether they will quickly begin to look like a minefield of spots and soils. Speak to the professionals when you purchase your carpet to be sure you know in advance how to care for a stain should it occur.

5.Move Things Around

Even lightweight furniture pieces can eventually cause matting on your carpet. Be sure to shift both small and large furniture and decorative pieces in your room around often enough that the carpet has a chance to ‘bounce’ back, making matting less likely to be a problem.

Depending on the manufacturer’s suggestions, certain carpets are best treated with a carpet protective spray (while others are not) – so count on the advice of the carpet experts where you purchase your carpet to inform you about the best way to protect your new carpet flooring.

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