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Aug 11

You Only Think You Know Linoleum

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Linoleum, for many people, brings up some negative connotations – cheap, synthetic, etc. What’s funny is that this is totally undeserved. Linoleum is, in fact, affordable, but it is not cheap, per se. And linoleum isn’t synthetic either. Linoleum is actually an environmentally friendly organic floor.

These materials are environmentally friendly because they are renewable and biodegradable, and include solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers.

Aside from being affordable and organic, linoleum is also extraordinarily durable, sometimes even outperforming materials such as ceramic tile.

On top of all of this, linoleum is naturally anti-septic due to the linseed oil, which is why it is commonly used in dining establishments and healthcare buildings.

Linoleum, as great as it is for business use, is also wonderful in the home. You might want to rethink linoleum and give it another shot if you harbor any of these preconceived notions about it.

Here at Shans Carpet and Fine Flooring, linoleum is only one of many types of flooring that we offer. If you’re looking for linoleum flooring, we have dozens of combinations of brands, patterns, and color for you to see. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect flooring for any room of your home or business here at Shans of Houston!