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Refinish and Resand

You have invested in hardwood floors, so you will have years of high quality flooring in your home or business. However, just like most things, wood will show wear and abuse after a while. Eventually, all hardwood floors will need to be refinished or resanded. Sometimes, if the damage is minimal, the floors can be refinished without having to sand the wood down. We have flooring experts who are experienced in all aspects of hardwood flooring. Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring has flooring professionals who have handled floor refinishing, floor sanding and floor renovations throughout the greater Houston, Texas region.

Just because your hardwood floors have scratches doesn’t mean we will have to sand them down to the bare wood. Sometimes we can scuff-sand them with a buffer then apply a couple of coats of finish as long as the scratches and cuts don’t go all the way down through the wood. Our flooring professionals can determine the extent of damage and which floor refinishing method can provide the best solution for your needs.

If a floor is not restored properly, you could cause more damage that would result in replacing the floors. Don’t risk a costly mistake, it is better to hire true professionals who know how to use buffers and sanders properly, so they remove the residue, scratches and damages but don’t go too deep to damage the wood and make it no longer usable.

Hardwood Flooring Resanding

Hardwood flooring can last through several resands during its lifetime. Many people like hardwood flooring because it is so durable and it can be resanded. Resanding the wood makes it appear new, clean and free from scratches and scuff marks. However, resanding has to be done properly. You don’t want to overdo it and sand too deep and damage the wood.

Our flooring experts know how to resand hardwood properly, going deep enough to remove the damage but not too deep to cause worse problems. After the floor has been resanded, we will add one or two coats of polyurethane finish to the wood. The finish will leave the floor glossy and looking as good as new again.

Hardwood floors are a popular flooring choice throughout Houston, Texas, so our team here at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring is experienced in all aspects of this traditional, but reliable flooring option. When it comes to hardwood flooring you can count on our flooring installation experts.

Adding a Coat of Finish

After the floors have been properly buffed or sanded so the finish looks as good as new, we put on polyurethane finish. Water-based polyurethane finishes are more expensive, but a second coat can be added within three hours. The less expensive oil-based polyurethane finishes take 8 hours to dry. So that extends the time it takes to complete the flooring restoration.

Regardless of which finish you choose, adding a fresh coat every 2 to 3 years can help protect the flooring, reduce the need for sanding and keep the hardwood floor looking fresh and new. We have handled many hardwood flooring restoration projects around Houston, Texas, so you can rely on us for everything from simply adding a new coat of finish to the resanding projects.

Strip a Hardwood Floor

We can also handle stripping hardwood floors. When you need to have the old finish and built up residue removed from the wood, you can rely on our professional floor technicians at Shan’s Carpet and Fine Flooring in Houston, Texas. We have the most experienced team of flooring professionals in the area. With no flooring job too small or too big for our team to handle, we should be your first choice for all of your hardwood flooring related needs.

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